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When your payday comes


Would you take home your PAYCHECK or PAID CHICK?

If you are on a fixed income and you are the only person who works to provide the money that the family needs to live on, think twice before you spend any unnecessary expenditures. You will not want to spend your hard earned money in just a snap. As most people say: “It’s really hard to make ends meet nowadays.”

Your finances may already be tight at hand if you are living paycheck to paycheck. Majority, but not all, tend to spend so much when payday comes. Sad but true, there are quite a number of people who would throw away overnight all the money they have worked for in one long pay period. That’s what you call “Instant Gratification.”


Instant gratification is the concept that we must have results right away and that we don’t want to wait. It’s an impulsive desire to have things instantly.

This need for instant gratification is believed to be deeply embedded into our subconscious minds. It was once a very important survival tool when the human race was living in caves and fending off predators. That evolutionary instant gratification need would of been vital to us surviving.

Instant gratification is very obvious in modern day society, a common example would be the way many people spend money. Many of us like to buy things for the instant feel good factor not taking into account the long term ramifications like getting into debt, which can reduce the overall quality of a persons life. Another very common example would be over eating, again this will reduce the overall quality of life in the long term. – MPPOWER

Remember, a penny saved is a penny earned. Spend your money wisely otherwise you’ll be sorry days before your next payday comes.


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