To kick off the new month, the owners of Clickerwayne Enterprise and Finex Outsourcing Company finally met again for a business discussion last Friday, June 1. Several topics were discussed during the one-on-one talk. The meeting was followed by a discussion with the group of Loan Advisors of Finex handling LD’s (LoansDito) generated online loan applications. On behalf of, Erwin Ramos of Clickerwayne Enterprise had made known to the group about its social work project – Smile 8 (previously named “You Make ‘Em Smile”).

Smile 8 Project is focused to give help and bring smile to the less fortunate Filipinos. Beginning June 4, 2018, LoansDito had pledged to allocate Php 8.00 for every Php1,000 approved generated loan. Total accumulated pledged amount will be used for social work.

“Once every month, we will hit the streets to make them (the poor) smile. They are our customers too, so we need to take care of them as well.”

Erwin Ramos

Social Entrepreneur
Clickerwayne Enterprise


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