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Every Single Mom’s Struggle


Recently, we received a private message on our facebook page from one of our clients whom we assisted for a personal loan. We seldom get thank you messages from our clients after we have assisted them in processing their loan application. This customer, who requested anonymity, was really emotional based on the message she sent us. We never had the chance to have a real time chat with her since we were already blocked in sending a reply. We guessed she didn’t want to elaborate herself further and let her message speak for herself. Below is her actual and unedited message that we would like to share to you.

Electric and water bills, tuition fee, school supplies, baon ng anak, unpaid maternity leaves.

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Every single mom’s struggle. I dont know san ako kukuha ng pang gastos samin ng nga anak ko. I am working hard to support my kids pero hindi talaga kasya yung sinasahod ko. Single mothers’ out there understand the struggle pag end of month na. We have to pay a lot of bills tapos sasabay pa monthly tuition fee and pag mas malas pa sasabay pa may magkakasakit sa mga anak.

Mahirap mangutang sa tao lalo na sa privacy issue. Aminin man natin, people will always talk abouy you especially pag dating sa pera o utang. Good thing, a friend introduced me to loansdito. I got apporved and ang bilis ng processing. It helped me a lot lalo na i have a baby on the way. My loan covered my eldest’ whole year tuition fee. I dont have to struggle every end of month kung san ako kukuha ng pambayad sa school ng anak ko. And i dont have to worry anymore san ako kukuha ng pambayad sa hospital paglabas ng bunso ko. Who says a single mom needs a father when I can have loansdito to help me financially.



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