Every Single Mom’s Struggle

Recently, we received a private message on our facebook page from one of our clients whom we assisted for a personal loan. We seldom get thank you messages from our clients after we have assisted them in processing their loan application. This customer, who requested anonymity, was really emotional based on the message she sent us. We never had the chance to have a real time chat with her since we were already blocked in sending a reply. We guessed she didn’t want to elaborate herself further and let her message speak for herself. Below is her actual and unedited message that we would like to share to you. Electric… Read More

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When payday comes

Would you take home your PAYCHECK or PAID CHICK? If you are on a fixed income and you are the only person who works to provide the money that the family needs to live on, think twice before you spend any unnecessary expenditures. You will not want to spend your hard earned money in just a snap. As most people say: “It’s really hard to make ends meet nowadays.” Your finances may already be tight at hand if you are living paycheck to paycheck. Majority, but not all, tend to spend so much when payday comes. Sad but true, there are quite a number of people who would throw away… Read More

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